Released November 2009. Double album! First cd is 9 punk rock songs. Second cd is the same songs, same order, but done in acoustic format. Email to get one for $10CDN. We will ship anywhere on the planet!


We are an indie/punk rock band from Sydney, Nova Scotia. Formed in September 2007. We enjoy playing acoustic sets too.


Harry Doyle - Guitar/Vocals
Alicia Penney - Bass/Vocals
Hector Smith - Drums


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Sept 30, 2010 - We are working on a new EP + Live record! We are compiling our next 12-15 live shows and taking our best songs from them. This is on our 16 track pro tools mobile rig. Check out small studios. We have 3/5 songs written for the EP part of the record. Release in winter sometime?

March 26, 2010 - We recently played 4 sets at the ECMA's in Sydney this year and we have a slew of shows lined up. No word on a tour yet but we are working on something for the fall. In the meantime check out our maritime dates listed below. As part of our winnings from the CBUSUBOTB we have a day at soundpark where we plan to mix and master our to-be-written EP. Well we have one song anyway. Five to go? We also recently joined Music Nova Scotia!

March 3, 2010 - After our cd release shows in november we have done mail outs to all of the canadian campus radio stations. We also placed first in the second annual battle of the bands hosted by the cbu students' union! recently we played moncton and are playing four dates at this year's ecma shows in sydney.

October 22, 2009 - We have completed the double album, available November 1. We were on a 3 month hiatus while Harry had hand surgery. The album was completed instrumentally prior to the surgery, and we spent the last 3 months completing it. Things will be picking up and soon!

July 2009 - No shows until october. Double album available at that time. Stay tuned!

April, 2009 - We changed our name from vibratronica to static in action! Recorded the beds for a 9 song album with Jamie Foulds at Soundpark Studios. We plan to release a double album (one cd punk, one cd acoustic of the same songs) in autumn 2009.

February, 2009 - Alicia Penney is our new bassist! Recording an album spring 09! Burke is back out west, fitting pipes.

October, 2008 - Burke has gone westward to do some manual labour for a few months. In the meantime I play all the solos and try not to fuck up too much. Sweet!


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